Wednesday, May 14, 2014

One Race, Many "Reservations"

An old cartoon called "Hagar the Horrible" used to spout Viking wisdom every Sunday afternoon in the funny papers. The basic gist of the series hinged on a very simple notion: "As you journey through life take a minute every now and then to give a thought for the other fellow. He could be plotting something." 
While reading through the comic, from week to week, I used to dabble with the idea of extending this cautious Scandinavian outlook to include a supernatural frame of reference.
In the eyes of Native Americans that I grew up with in rural Oregon, we are all living on a reservation of sorts, even though the psychological borders and fences tend to escape our attention. If we can't see the forest for the trees, how are we supposed to see the prison for the bars?
A willingness to assess our lot in life can involve more than our personal wants and needs; it can involve more than even the needs of our race or our planet. The entire matrix of our shared sense reality is worth examining and evaluating.  
The Late Russell Means' video "Welcome to the Reservation"
We all leave literal, and symbolic, footprints on earth. Are yours helping the planet to be a better place? 
As Russell Means says, "The Reservation" isn't necessarily a physical locale. It's also psychological. 
Any time the mass media, academia, or governments try really hard to convince you to think a certain way, especially when it involves sacrificing your personal freedoms, it's worth being suspicious. Most people have the ability to think for themselves.
Exercising this ability is true freedom. When the mass media, Hollywood, the world's most powerful governments, and academia all agree that a policy or concept is vital and requires radical changes to implement, be VERY suspicious.
Since greed tends to dominate the top-down vertical command of the mass media, academia, and governments, they should, of necessity, create their own form of checks and balances by struggling against each other. When they don't, something is usually wrong. 
During the 20th Century, things got way out of hand. It's worth remembering that more people were murdered through "wars" and the collateral damage of wars, than in the entire collective history of mankind before World War I. The human race also underwent a population explosion.
We have been taught to think of population growth as a natural and inevitable result of burgeoning technology and the ability to feed more people. I beg to differ. That is putting the chicken before the egg.
Since technology is power and power is always consolidated and controlled by the ruling oligarchies of earth, the decision to greatly expand the number of people on earth was not organic or natural. It was planned.
One need only read through the works of Charles Darwin (particularly The Descent of Man)to see what was going on intellectually near the end of the 19th Century. Eugenics never really went away. In fact, it has proliferated like never before over the past century.    

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